Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Folk II - Issue 2 Launch Party

Z-Box loved every single second of everything.

There was some seriously high class catering and equally high class arty-farty conversation going on outside

Matt wasn't pissed in the slightest

There were smoking hot, steaming drunk girls everywhere

This guy

And lest we forget, William "DJ Dickie Darkside" Darkin, who pretty much saved the fucking day; providing apparently the only fully functional mixing desk in East London, projecting weird visuals all night, connecting pretty much every cable in the world to some electronic device or other, rolling spliffs, getting drunk out of his face, dancing like the Energiser Bunny, playing a really good dj set and helping to put everything back together again the next day. Thanks Will. 

Here's a picture of some guy swearing and probably playing something loud.
(Available for dinner parties, orgies, barbeques and weddings. Ring Terry Trotter on 0800 Love-Lumps)

(photos by Max Mallen)

This is the last load of photos from the Awkward Issue 2 launch party. I feel like I'm milking it a bit already actually. 
It was a shit load of fun and thanks a million to everyone who helped make it happen and to everyone who came along. Now if you could please buy the bloody zine because I forgot to make them available for sale at the launch party after having gathered probably dozens of potentially interested customers. I regret that. Jack Carr, quite good at writing dialogue, very bad at selling things.  I think the magazine might actually be really really good as well, so there's another reason to at least stay in touch.
See you next time.

Lakes Delay - Issue 2 Launch Party

James Carnes aka Lakes Delay played his filthy guts out. Eternal thanks.

The best-looking-groupie-on-the-block award went to Julie Beauchamp.

And I'd love to say that this was the sweat James worked up playing his set, which culminated in some unprecedented aggressive banana eating, but as true as that last bit is, I think he's sweating so much here because we'd all just been loosing our minds and shaking our asses to an hour of sweet, deep, earth shaking 80's dancehall and digital reggae thanks to the talented Luke Branston aka Cool Hand Luke, who incidentally appeared on the front cover of Awkward Issue 1.... fascinating. Luke is seriously the best DJ ever and in my opinion put pretty much everyone else to shame on the wheels of steel. Nice one boss.

(photos by Max Mallen)

Folk I - Issue 2 Launch Party

Here's me and Ian Pons Jewell looking..... awkward. Ian is one of those multi-talented people that make you feel lazy and crap at everything. I like having him around. Check out Ian's illustrated short story Soulcrunt in Awkward Issue 2, and have a peep at some of his quite frankly amazing video work over at murmurfilm.blogspot.com 

Alex Milnes was there, playing all kinds of ridiculous shit as the percussionist/keyboard dude for The Old Dolphin Brigade. Alex has got two wonderful photographs in Awkward Issue 2, so buy the bloody thing and put a smile on that scrumptious little face.

Ben and Emma supplied the wicked (ware)house, about a hundred guests, a lovely, open atmosphere, 4 or 5 djs, after-party cleaning services, as well as their beautiful selves and all they got in return was this lousy blog post... oh and a short term loan of the fabled Kazoogle. The party was also in celebration of Emma's birthday as well as a launching pad for Awkward, a a fact which was largely overlooked in keeping with the distinct lack of 'magazine launching'. I think it's safe to say that everyone was far too busy enjoying themselves. Thanks guys.

Singer, sitarist extraordinare, blossoming fine artist and band leader with The Old Dolphin Brigade Carl Gent helped to kick off the evening with a pzzzchangwaaaaaaa-laaaAAA, setting the tone perfectly. The Old Dolphin Brigade played a fantastic and truly memorable set. They sounded like the inside of a toy box at night when the toys come to life and play at being The Monks doing a gig in the middle of the Gobi Desert.
You can follow Carl's numerous projects at www.carlgent.com... if you like. You wont regret it, he's like a real artist or something, whatever that means.

Sergio got pretty fucking wasted after this photo was taken. He spent at least twenty minutes staring at the rain on a tree. Thanks for showing up dude.

And guest of honour, Toby Dyter, who made it all the way down from Halifax. I came across Toby as he was about to fall asleep on a grass verge with his huge feet hanging off the end and a 5 liter bottle of water at his side. I'm sure there's a passage somewhere in Zarathustra that relates to that sequence of events, but you'd have to ask him yourself.

(photos by Max Mallen)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Rosie - Issue 2 Launch Party

Behind all that hair and sweat and other fun stuff is Awkward contributor Rosemary Kirton. 

Rosie has been on board since day one and I have her artistic fervour to thank in no small part for the continuation of the zine.

Some new work of Rosie's will undoubtedly feature somewhere in Issue 3, which is coming soon to a collapsing, piss stained magazine pile next to a toilet near you! 

Currently in the works is a cartoon strip collaboration with distressingly talented painter and illustrator Ryan Humphrey (http://drawingasquare.blogspot.com). I was introduced to Ryan's work at the recent Fine Art graduation show in Farnham at The University for the Creative Arts, where I was instantly seduced by it's simplicity, skillfulness and gallons of style. Definitely one to watch. 

(photo by Alex Milnes)

Andy - Issue 2 Launch Party

A couple of weekends ago we all got together and had a bloody great big fucking party for the launch of Issue 2.

Andrew Ferguson made a fine fine poster,

played drums for The Old Dolphin Brigade and was just generally on fine fine form all night

what a dirty little diggler  

He topped off the evening drumming up a storm in the street outside his house across the road from the party at 4 o clock in the morning. 

Action Shot!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


This is just about perfect if you ask me, which you didn't.

And one more for luck because they're fucking brilliant