Wednesday, 8 July 2009

So, its been rather quiet around here as of late...

Here's why.

I mentioned previously that I've been working as an official invigilator of G.C.S.E and A Level exams at a local school. 
During these exams, you (the invigilator) are not allowed to do anything. I mean really, nothing. One may not read, talk, sing, dance, sleep, shit, cry, fornicate, masticate or masturbate. One may not even leave the room to urinate until the exam is over and all papers have been collected and accounted for. 
Quite obviously this leads to intense and prolonged sensations of boredom and frustration. 
Thankfully I'm in the habit of doodling and so I'm happy to report that in this regard if in no other my experience at the job was not entirely worthless.

Here are a couple of doodles:

The Invigilator's Colleague


The Invigilator Himself

p.s. anyone reading this who has even fleetingly considered submitting work for AWKWARD, please... umm... do it.  Also email me if you would like to be given an explicit brief to work to, some people have said that this would be helpful.

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