Saturday, 1 August 2009

"I love feedaback vewy much."

And I love you Otomo...

An important adjunct to the overall character of AWKWARD as I see it 
has to do with noise and dissonant dissidence in general. If I choose to 
flatter myself, as I will right now, the first issue left a slightly metallic 
taste in the mouth - a flavour accented by darkness and laced with a 
strangely percolated contemptuousness. There has been a distinct lack 
of this element so far in the life of this blog. It has been, perhaps, a little soft.
So, in order to reconcile this disparity, I will be using the audio-bearing 
capacity of this page to bring you a musical arrangement I have been 
working on, made of other people's work and found-sound samples. 
This will be appearing in the next couple of days. All I will say is hold 
onto your hats. Its a stinger.

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