Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Popul Vuh

I have just become the father to a beautiful little baby girl and I'd like to think that I can now credibly attest to this music's pata-linguistic effectiveness... if I may be so bold. It may just be coincidence (it's not) but each time I've played Popul Vuh to Alina, an eery calm has descended upon the pretty little pickle and her seemingly absent minded ceiling gazing has taken on a special air of purpose, serenity and intrigue.

This first track, the title of which translates as "Oh, how close is the way Hina" was used as the signature theme for Werner Herzog's 1976 film Heart of Glass. Famously during the filming of Heart of Glass, all of the actors were hypnotized and it is a truly strange, beautiful and mesmerizing piece of cinema from what has been coined Werner's 'formative period' -

This second clip is an all time classic piece of psychedelic improv and it sounds amazing on a sunny winter afternoon with a doobie, like almost all good music. I don't know if it gets much better than this dreamy, droney cascade but if it does then could you please let me know where? -

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