Saturday, 3 April 2010

Bad sound : good noise

I went and saw Until The Light Takes Us the other week in a cinema full of metalheads and hipsters in Dalston. It was a confusing, conflicted experience, but the film was pretty good I suppose. Lots of people laughed in some really worrying places, as well as in some of the right ones. Highlights (a little thin on the ground and definitely peppered atop a thick undercoat of 'rubbish', 'filler' and 'bad footage') included Varg generally talking in a flawed but stridently philosophical/still appropriately angsty manner about the whole thing and Fenriz talking on the phone to a music journalist about the lyrics from his new album, about techno music and about how you should just kill yourself - a conversation bookmarked perfectly at the end with a "yeah, so, fucking great, goodbye!" *hangs up phone* 

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