Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Folk I - Issue 2 Launch Party

Here's me and Ian Pons Jewell looking..... awkward. Ian is one of those multi-talented people that make you feel lazy and crap at everything. I like having him around. Check out Ian's illustrated short story Soulcrunt in Awkward Issue 2, and have a peep at some of his quite frankly amazing video work over at murmurfilm.blogspot.com 

Alex Milnes was there, playing all kinds of ridiculous shit as the percussionist/keyboard dude for The Old Dolphin Brigade. Alex has got two wonderful photographs in Awkward Issue 2, so buy the bloody thing and put a smile on that scrumptious little face.

Ben and Emma supplied the wicked (ware)house, about a hundred guests, a lovely, open atmosphere, 4 or 5 djs, after-party cleaning services, as well as their beautiful selves and all they got in return was this lousy blog post... oh and a short term loan of the fabled Kazoogle. The party was also in celebration of Emma's birthday as well as a launching pad for Awkward, a a fact which was largely overlooked in keeping with the distinct lack of 'magazine launching'. I think it's safe to say that everyone was far too busy enjoying themselves. Thanks guys.

Singer, sitarist extraordinare, blossoming fine artist and band leader with The Old Dolphin Brigade Carl Gent helped to kick off the evening with a pzzzchangwaaaaaaa-laaaAAA, setting the tone perfectly. The Old Dolphin Brigade played a fantastic and truly memorable set. They sounded like the inside of a toy box at night when the toys come to life and play at being The Monks doing a gig in the middle of the Gobi Desert.
You can follow Carl's numerous projects at www.carlgent.com... if you like. You wont regret it, he's like a real artist or something, whatever that means.

Sergio got pretty fucking wasted after this photo was taken. He spent at least twenty minutes staring at the rain on a tree. Thanks for showing up dude.

And guest of honour, Toby Dyter, who made it all the way down from Halifax. I came across Toby as he was about to fall asleep on a grass verge with his huge feet hanging off the end and a 5 liter bottle of water at his side. I'm sure there's a passage somewhere in Zarathustra that relates to that sequence of events, but you'd have to ask him yourself.

(photos by Max Mallen)

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