Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Folk II - Issue 2 Launch Party

Z-Box loved every single second of everything.

There was some seriously high class catering and equally high class arty-farty conversation going on outside

Matt wasn't pissed in the slightest

There were smoking hot, steaming drunk girls everywhere

This guy

And lest we forget, William "DJ Dickie Darkside" Darkin, who pretty much saved the fucking day; providing apparently the only fully functional mixing desk in East London, projecting weird visuals all night, connecting pretty much every cable in the world to some electronic device or other, rolling spliffs, getting drunk out of his face, dancing like the Energiser Bunny, playing a really good dj set and helping to put everything back together again the next day. Thanks Will. 

Here's a picture of some guy swearing and probably playing something loud.
(Available for dinner parties, orgies, barbeques and weddings. Ring Terry Trotter on 0800 Love-Lumps)

(photos by Max Mallen)

This is the last load of photos from the Awkward Issue 2 launch party. I feel like I'm milking it a bit already actually. 
It was a shit load of fun and thanks a million to everyone who helped make it happen and to everyone who came along. Now if you could please buy the bloody zine because I forgot to make them available for sale at the launch party after having gathered probably dozens of potentially interested customers. I regret that. Jack Carr, quite good at writing dialogue, very bad at selling things.  I think the magazine might actually be really really good as well, so there's another reason to at least stay in touch.
See you next time.


  1. Ill buy the zine if you come to my privet view on the 13th of july, and thanks for circulating that picture some more, i dont look like a crazy person at all. xx

  2. I'll be there. And quit your yapping, you're captioned as "smoking hot, steaming drunk girl", you should be thanking me.