Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Lakes Delay - Issue 2 Launch Party

James Carnes aka Lakes Delay played his filthy guts out. Eternal thanks.

The best-looking-groupie-on-the-block award went to Julie Beauchamp.

And I'd love to say that this was the sweat James worked up playing his set, which culminated in some unprecedented aggressive banana eating, but as true as that last bit is, I think he's sweating so much here because we'd all just been loosing our minds and shaking our asses to an hour of sweet, deep, earth shaking 80's dancehall and digital reggae thanks to the talented Luke Branston aka Cool Hand Luke, who incidentally appeared on the front cover of Awkward Issue 1.... fascinating. Luke is seriously the best DJ ever and in my opinion put pretty much everyone else to shame on the wheels of steel. Nice one boss.

(photos by Max Mallen)

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