Monday, 21 June 2010

Rosie - Issue 2 Launch Party

Behind all that hair and sweat and other fun stuff is Awkward contributor Rosemary Kirton. 

Rosie has been on board since day one and I have her artistic fervour to thank in no small part for the continuation of the zine.

Some new work of Rosie's will undoubtedly feature somewhere in Issue 3, which is coming soon to a collapsing, piss stained magazine pile next to a toilet near you! 

Currently in the works is a cartoon strip collaboration with distressingly talented painter and illustrator Ryan Humphrey ( I was introduced to Ryan's work at the recent Fine Art graduation show in Farnham at The University for the Creative Arts, where I was instantly seduced by it's simplicity, skillfulness and gallons of style. Definitely one to watch. 

(photo by Alex Milnes)

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